Swampy's Photoshop Video Tutorials
Swampy's Line Art A great way to make a black and white sketch of your photograph. Some dodge and burn on this layer or an Anisotropic Diffuse can affect the look
Texture Mapping This is a great way to get a highly embossed look on a solid color background.
Out of Bounds Some photos just beg for this technique. It's fun and easy and can help you learn about masking.
Color Shift

Beginners often ask why their printer doesn't print what they see on the screen. This may help answer that question.

Blur Away a Color Cast

Sometimes a great photo can lose its "punch" because of a simple color cast. Here's a quick easy way to eliminate it.

Masking-White Reveals

On a mask, White reveals the effect you've applied to a layer. Black hides the effect you've applied to a layer.

Watercolor 101

Watercolor 102

Getting started painting a photograph to get a painted art look.

Painted Soft Portrait

Salvage a flawed photograph by creating a painting.

Pattern Stamp Tool 101

Pattern Stamp Tool 102

The Pattern Stamp Tool is my favorite method of creating photo art. Explore the many possibilities.

Photo Art 101

Down and dirty method of creating a piece of art from a photograph.

Fixing a Blown Out Sky

Simple and easy way to fix blown out skies. One simple marquee tool selection does all the hard work.

Masking the Sky
(Photoshop CS3)

An easy way to make a mask of tree or skylines when you want to replace the sky completely and not just "fix it" (as the tutorial above).

Smoother Scans

Get better scans by using "Descreening".

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