I'm often asked why the online handle "Swampy." It goes back to the '70s and the CB radios where "in". I used the handle "Swamp Witch." When I got my first modem (a real speedy 300 bauder) in 1983 and started frequenting the chat lines of GEnie, I kept the old handle but had to modify it slightly (to lpswampy - for "Lake Placid Swampy" because someone else had captured my name through the years. Ergo...Swampy's Neck of the Woods
I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I'm a dairyman's daughter and have always been somewhat of a rebel and tomboy. I graduated from Hialeah High School in 1959 and from Florida State University in 1963 with a degree in Elementary Education.
My hobbies are college football, golf, cross stitch, music, reading and of course my Macintosh.
My hometown is the quite little town of Lake Placid, Florida, where we are surrounded by fresh water lakes, orange groves, cattle ranches and caladiums . Lake Placid is known as "The Caladium Capital Of The World" (Caladiums are beautiful foliage plants with green and pink veins.) Our town is also known for the historical murals that grace the exteriors of many public and private buildings. You can take the virtual Mural Tour of Lake Placid online.

I have one son, Todd, who works for Walt Disney in Burbank,CA. He's my pride and joy. He graduated (Magna Cum Laude) from Florida State in 1989. Needless to say we are big Seminole Football fans.

Todd works in the DVD division at Disney Corp. He's been with Walt Disney, Inc. since graduation in 1989 and has had several different job discriptions. He's worked in the park and at the Vacation Club at Disney World-Orlando, and at Disney Imagineering-Glendale, CA before moving to Disney Internet Group then the DVD job.

At Lego Land

Todd's the on on the left

Although Glendale, California is a long way from his home in the "swamps", we stay in touch via phone, e-mail and video conferences on our iPads.. He makes occasional trips to Disney World in Orlando and, depending on his schedule, we usually manage to at least do lunch together.

Todd played baritone horn with the Marching Chiefs at FSU from '86 to '89. and like Mom, loves the Noles. The phone line is always busy during football season. Todd will watch the FSU games with friends with his cell phone close by and we call and cheer with each other after every touchdown. I think we'll be talking a LOT this fall. He is active in the Southern California Seminole Club.

Well, I said I was an FSU Seminole fan. Here I am with Coach Bobby Bowden at a local golf tournament. GO NOLES! I served many years as President of the Highlands Seminole Club.

Todd and Leeanna

Favorite (only) Grandson - Jack at 3 1/2 years old.

Reddie- R.I.P.
Our beloved Redbone hound mix who graced our lives and gave us her unconditional love for fourteen years.